Dry Lining

Dry Lining

Dry lining is an area of construction which has significantly grown over the last few decades in the UK. As construction has become increasingly more green buildings require a greater amount of insulation. This in conjunction with a need to streamline construction processes and productivity has increased the amount of dry lining jobs throughout the UK.

This has become increasingly seen as a skilled trade in UK construction. Expert dry liners are highly sought after due to their ability to work to high degrees of accuracy on time sensitive projects.

Dry Lining Jobs

Long and Short Term Contracts

Many dry lining jobs come available at short notice as employers are looking to fill gaps created by absence, sickness or short-term project requirements.

Candidates for dry lining jobs need to be available at short notice and to be prepared to travel outside of their immediate vicinity for the jobs.

This type of role can provide a huge amount of variety for the employee as the roles and sites they are likely to work on will vary significantly.

Dry Lining Jobs

Current Dry Lining Jobs

Dry Lining Jobs

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