Civil Engineering

The civil engineering sector is a fundamental part of the construction industry. From the design and planning of construction projects through to the structural construction of those projects, ‘civils’ covers a variety of jobs.

Civil Engineering is broadly split into two areas, ‘consulting engineers’ and ‘contracting engineers’. Consulting engineers are more traditionally office based and are responsible for the planning, design and structural integrity of building projects. Contracting engineers are the ones ‘at the coal face’, the people who are responsible for turning those plans into reality.

As there is significant variety of roles in the civils sector there is a corresponding degree of variety in the skills and qualifications needed to work within this sector. Entry level roles on building sites require little previous skill or knowledge, whereas structural engineers often have degree level education in addition to other industry specific qualifications.

Ground workers

Semi Skilled through to Highly Qualified

There a huge range of different positions available throughout the civils sector. At the entry level there are many semi-skilled ground working jobs that don’t require a huge amount of previous knowledge or experience to get in to.

There are a large amount of other on-site roles that require an increasing amount of skill, training and qualifications.

Site management and project management often require a broad level on construction knowledge and experience. On the consulting side engineers require a large amount of experience within the industry and the necessary professional qualifications. A highly qualified and experienced individual is often in high demand by employers.

Labouring Jobs

Semi Skilled through to Highly Qualified

Current Civil Engineering Jobs

Labouring Jobs

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