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Every great recruitment company needs great candidates and we firmly believe that we are only as good as the candidates we supply. So for us its not just about getting candidates to site and hoping for the best, we carefully skill test all candidates to ensure they have the correct skills, experience and attitude so that we can match them with the right company and position so they can stay there for the duration of the project requirement.

We are a specialist construction recruitment company; we understand your needs and the needs of the employers in this sector. Our managing director has previously worked on your side of the table as a site manager for Mansell Construction, so we are well placed to help you on your job seeking journey. We are able to help you find the right type of work to match your skills in the North East East, North West, the Midlands and across the UK.

Every job is different as is every candidate and we take the time to understand that and will always do our upmost to find suitable work for available candidates. Whether you are looking to work immediately or for immediate work or simply want to be kept up to date with current requirements, give us a call today on 0844 995 9065.

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Helping you find Temporary Positions

The construction industry often has many temporary positions. Sometimes this is because of the nature of the project and at other times its because the candidate is only looking for temporary work. The employers we work with understand our ability to deliver the right person, at the right time for their project and trust us to do so.

We supply tradesmen (and women) of all levels from foremen through to labourers and plant operators all CPCS carded and CSCS checked. If you are looking for temporary construction work for any reason then we can help to place you in a position that matches what you are looking for.

Temporary Construction Jobs, Recruitment
Permanent Construction Jobs, Recruitment

Contract Recruitment

Over the years we have placed many candidates with employers who have been looking to fill contract positions. We understand that the construction industry has changed in recent years and as a result employers are often looking to recruit for a particular project or even shorter team for a particular trade within a project.

Contract recruitment is fast-paced, time frames are often short and positions need to be filled there-and-then. We have an extensive amount of experience in this area and have placed many candidates into roles such as dry liming, plastering and civils for fixed term contracts.

Permanent Recruitment, Get the Right Job!

Finding the right employer to match your skill set, ethos and developmental aims is extremely important. Finding the right company to match your aims and aspirations (and salary needs) is foremost in your thinking and is a decision which has huge impacts on your career, but also your life.

At the Sinclair Group we understand the importance of this process to both the candidate and the employer. It’s a process neither of you want to get wrong, our job is to get it right, ensuring the right candidates are placed in the right businesses.

We have relationships with many active and passive job seekers. So even if you are not actively skimming through adverts or applying online for roles get in touch with us, we will then approach you with the right opportunity when it presents itself.

We can help employers to fulfill all of the recruitment process, from sourcing candidates through to interviews and making recommendations of the best individual to fulfill the role. Whether you’re a Site Manager, Project Manager, Foreman, Contracts Manager, Quantity Surveyor or any other permanent role then we can help.

Permanent Construction Jobs, Recruitment

Our recruitment process is simple

But it doesn't end there, we are in regular contact with both the client and candidate throughout the job to ensure both are happy.

The North West, North East, the Midlands
and across the UK

The Sinclair Group's head office is located on the outskirts of Liverpool, giving us excellent transport routes to clients across the whole of the North West. We regularly work with clients in Warrington, Lancaster, Preston, Manchester and across Lancashire. Our head office serves the North West and the Midlands.

We also have an office in the North East which is located in Middlesborough. This office deals with clients across the North East including Durham, Darlington, Sunderland and Newcastle.


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