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Our business not only consists of recruitment professionals but also experienced construction professionals, with the Managing Director working for Mansell Construction during the buyout from Balfour Beatty and was Site Manager for numerous projects most notably a c£15 million project for Denbighshire County Council. This gives us a strong advantage over our competitors as not only do we understand the industry, having sat at both ends of the table, we firmly understand the time and money wasted in getting it wrong!

Our obligation

Whether you are a client or a candidate you are in at the right place, here at Sinclair Recruitment Solutions Ltd, we don't cut corners. We understand that every need and requirement is different and no two days are the same. We don't just make the numbers up, we only match the candidates to the correct vacancies and if there are no suitable candidates or vacancies then we are honest enough at all times with both our clients and candidates. As the saying goes, square pegs don't fit in round holes.

Our recruitment process is simple

But it doesn't end there, we are in regular contact with both the client and candidate throughout the job to ensure both are happy.

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